The Roadmap of Design Strategy for Hong Kong Manufacturing SMEs (RDS) | 香港製造業中小企設計策略之路

There are plenty of examples where SMEs have successfully incorporated industrial design into their businesses, reaching a state where one may EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

Under the funding of “The SME Development Fund (SDF)” by the HKSAR Trade and Industry Department, “The Roadmap of Design Strategy for Hong Kong manufacturing SMEs (RDS)” is the one of the projects under the 50th Anniversary Celebration Programme of Design Council of Hong Kong (DCHK). This project aims to sketch a design strategy for Hong Kong manufacturing SMEs and study the effective usage of design and its adoption at strategic level in the manufacturing sector. The research team will conduct in-depth study on 50 selected cases of corporates/manufacturers in Hong Kong, which have made effective use of design(s), as the role models of the Hong Kong manufacturing SMEs.

The full-day dissemination conference during the DesignInspire 2018 (7 December) is part of the project’s way to disseminate the research findings. Representatives of 6 successful corporate cases will share how the use of design boosts growth in businesses in the wider economy, and creates platform for invited parties to explore future collaborations.

現時已有不少中小企業的例子,成功使用設計及於策略層面運用設計(以下簡稱「設計策略」) 融入其業務當中,並達到了不可預期的預期。

作為香港特別行政區政府工業貿易署中小企業發展支援基金 (下稱「發展支援基金」) 資助的項目,「香港製造業中小企設計策略之路」亦是香港設計委員會50周年誌慶活動之一。是次項目旨在為香港製造業中小企勾畫一個設計策略,經研究團隊深入研究並分析有效利用設計策略的50個特選香港企業 / 製造業案例,作為香港製造業中小企業的榜樣。

項目將於 DesignInspire 2018 (127期間舉辦全日的推廣研討會,分享相關研究調查結果,並邀請 6 個成功企業案例的代表探討運用設計策略如何於經濟大環境下促進業務增長,同時又能創建平台以邀請各方探討未來的合作機會。

Dissemination Conference 推廣研討會

Date 日期 | 07.12.2018 (Fri )
Time 時間 | 10:00 – 17:00
Venue 地點 | “Exchange”, Hall 3D-E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, ‎1 Expo Drive, Wanchai
灣仔博覽道1號香港會議展覽中心展覽廳3DE “互動空間
Language 語言 | English & Cantonese 英語和粵語
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