D-notes | Apr Issue 四月號

You’re the Terrestrial April Days

They say when the cherry blossoms bloom in April and patches of light pink are all over the place, it’s the season of love. So are you ready for our next round of moves to spark off your Spring?



Moving Towards the “Great”,「DesignXcel」 Exhibition at 125th Canton Fair

Organised by the Design Council of Hong Kong, Federation of Hong Kong Industries (DCHK, FHKI), the second edition of 「DesignXcel」is making its debut exhibition in the largest and longest running international trade fair in China – the 125th Canton Fair in Guangzhou at Hall B.

The 「DesignXcel」mini exhibition will be held between 1st and 5th May 2019. The aim is to increase the exposure of the fruits of collaborations in the Greater Bay Area. The 5-day exhibition will showcase 30 novel collaboration results and their success stories, which span across different design-related industries and academic disciplines, including Graphics, Advertising & Visual Communication, Product & Industrial, Fashion & Image, Digital & Interactive, Architecture, Interior, Spatial & Environmental designs.

「DesignXcel」is the first and only programme that fosters sophisticated collaborations between industrial sectors and design freshmasonries. It sets out to act as the perpetual intermediate platform to spark meaningful commercial collaboration projects, bridging the gap between industrial sectors and generations to foster a culture of collaboration in the long run. Year by year, its goal is to establish an ongoing online and offline database for design graduates, industrial sectors and entrepreneurs.

《設計列陣》走到大灣區 – 第125屆廣交會展覽

由香港工業總會和其轄下之香港設計委員會主辦的第二屆《設計列陣》將在中國廣州規模最大的國際貿易展覽會 – 第125屆廣交會上B展館首次亮相。



香港雙品牌推廣研討會 | 深圳站 | 創意匠人與產業對話


“The Roadmap of Design Strategy for Hong Kong Manufacturing SMEs”

Strategy is regarded as the key success for almost everything, from small things like daily communications to large business models, strategies are required to respond to different strategies challenges. In recent years, design has gradually been incorporated into the industrial world, the concept of “design strategy ” has thus begun to flourish.

The research team has now engaged more than 40 corporates/manufacturers in different industries (jewellery, watches, clothing and fashion, furniture, printing etc.). The research team analysed the changes and development of different industries in Hong Kong in different eras (local service needs of the 1950s; the particularly strong industries and economy during the 1960s and 1970s; the Hong Kong factories moving north in the 1980s and 1990s; and the rapid development of science and technology from the millennium onwards).

Eventually the insights of the 50 cases of the research study will be published and shared with the target audience together with the tool kit at the launching ceremony in mid-2019.

Take a look at the analysis of the textile and garment industry