Cross Industry Matching Showcase – Opening Ceremony at Entrepreneur Day

(跨產業「創」+「造」配對計劃2016 - 開幕禮暨頒獎典禮)




13 May 2016

The opening ceremony was organized by Innovative Entrepreneur Association. It was held at HKTDC’s Entrepreneur Day on 13 May 2016.  The ceremony was part of the program of the cross matching project funded by CreateHK of HKSAR.  The program provided platforms for local designers to explore business opportunities, such as in partnership with THE WAVE to provide venues for start-up designers to retail their products; to encourage Hong Kong designers to develop the China market through participating in shows in the South China region.  The Chairman of the Design Council of Hong Kong Mr. Eric Yim, and executive committee member Mr. Alan Cheung have been and still are mentors for young designers for the last five years of the program.  Some of the young designer mentees have also become D-Mark holders. 

Design Council of Hong Kong has been and still is the supporting organization for the event.  Mr. Eric Yim was invited as VIP guest at the opening ceremony.  At the ceremony, awards were presented to different designers for their contribution to the cross matching program in the present and in the past.

2016 年5月13

 開幕典禮暨頒獎典禮於2016 年5月13 日假座香港貿易發展局的創業日舉行。典禮是跨産業「創」+「造」配對計劃項目之其中一環,項目由香港特別行政區政府「創意香港」贊助,項目主要提供商機給本地設計師,包括與THE WAVE 合作,協助創業設計師拓展本土零售,另外鼓勵香港設計師參展華南地區博覽會。

香港設計委員會主席嚴志明先生及執行委員會成員張益麟先生過去五年都義務為這個項目作年輕設計師的導師。其中一些該項目的年輕設計師學員也成為獲D 嘜設計標誌的成員。