「DesignXcel」 Kickoff Event  |《設計列陣》啟動禮  


Thank you all for attending the Kickoff Event for the first edition of Joint-School Design Exhibition organised by the Design Council of Hong Kong (DCHK), the project is now officially named 「DesignXcel」.


DCHK aims to gather the excellent final-year projects (FYP) of the graduates from different design schools and showcase their infinite creativity at the large-scale exhibition, wherethe industrial and business sectors may be linked closer to the graduates through witnessing and sharing the fruits of local design training among different schools.


Being the first of its kind, 「DesignXcel」takes on a broader meaning to facilitate collaboration between design graduates and industry leaders. Fusing the new mindsets of the younger-generation designers with veteran entrepreneurs, the impact will definitely be much more than simply win-win.


Fact is when leading entrepreneurs join hands with design graduates, it’s gonna be a brand-new force. The power of this force lies in the valuable experiences, rich knowledge, whimsical ideas, a daring spirit for innovation within. On the one hand, the graduate-industry collaborationhelps realise and elevate creativity; on the other hand, the penetration of design thinking also enables the clients to supply new product-service-system, and in turn enhances the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong.