The roadmap of design strategy for Hong Kong manufacturing SMEs: Dissemination Conference  


The full-day dissemination conference of “The Roadmap of Design Strategy for Hong Kong manufacturing SMEs (RDS)” during Designinspire 2018 (7 December) was part of the project’s way to disseminate the research findings. Other than research insights and findings from the research team, representatives of 6 successful corporate cases shared how the use of design strategy boosts growth in businesses in the wider economy, establishing themselves as role models of the Hong Kong manufacturing SMEs.

「香港製造業中小企設計策略之路」於 Designinspire 2018 (12月7日) 期間舉辦了全日的推廣研討會,當中有研究團隊分享至今的研究見解與發現, 6 個成功企業案例的代表亦分享如何運用設計策略於經濟大環境下促進業務增長,為香港製造業中小企業作榜樣。