Over the Ocean, On the Road: A Multimedia Exhibition by Leong Ka Ta 

  浮瓶浪跡 - 梁家泰多媒體攝影展

Over the Ocean, On the Road: A Multimedia Exhibition by Leong Ka Ta

The exhibition is open to the publicat the Hong Kong Design Institute Gallery between 18 March 2016and 30 May 2016.  Design Council of Hong Kong (DCHK) is one of the supporting organizations of the exhibition.

Mr. Leong Ka Ta is a celebrated Hong Kong photographer and curator of the exhibition.  Using various forms of art media, Leong recorded his nomadic voyage with his wife from Colombia to Cuba for three months in late October 2013.  He  creates a trilogy of visual journeys from an array of still photographs, videos and performances, along with a specially created interactive installation, to provoke thoughts on slow living and the true significance of travel for his audience.

The opening ceremony was held on 18 March 2016 in which DCHK’s Chairman Mr. Eric Yim joined toasting and touring of the exhibition with other VIP guests.

攝影展於2016年3月18日至5月30日假座香港知專設計學院HKDI Gallery舉行並給公眾人士免費參觀。香港設計委員會是其中一家支持單位。