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Good design adds value to products and services.  Through sophisticated and thoughtful applications, design can bring long-term benefits to brands and businesses.  With the aim of encouraging companies to build capable design teams, the Design Council of Hong Kong launches the “Hong Kong D-Mark Design Certification Scheme”, in short “D-Mark”, to give recognition to companies that have established an effective framework for harnessing quality designs.

Companies with a valid HKSAR Business Registration that pledge to comply with the requirements set by the Design Council of Hong Kong are eligible to apply for the D-Mark.  Successful applicants shall be entitled to use the D-Mark logo on all promotional materials (except products) once written approval has been granted.  Right of usage of the D-Mark is granted on a yearly basis.

Benefits of having the D-Mark

  1. Enhancing company image – The Mark endorses the company’s efforts to pursue design excellence.
  2. Fostering a culture of design and creativity in the company.
  3. Companies conferred with the D-Mark can help promote the value and benefits of excellent designs to the business community and the general public.
  4. Seminars and activities on design related subjects will be organized for D-Mark holders.
  5. D-Mark holders will be publicized through the Federation’s website and publications.
  6. Various media will be used to publicize D-Mark holders.

《香港D 嘜認證計劃》簡章

精美的設計可為產品及服務增值。透過創新思維及深思熟慮的應用,設計可為品牌及企業帶來長遠得益。為鼓勵企業建立優質卓越的設計團隊,並活用優質設計,香港設計委員會推出《香港D 嘜認證計劃》, 簡稱《D嘜》,表揚那些有良好機制去善用設計的企業。





  1. 提升企業形象-標誌讓公司有機會向顧客顯示他們重視設計,並不遺餘力推動傑出設計。
  2. 培育企業的設計及創意文化。
  3. 可協助業界向其他公司及社會各階層推廣設計的價值和好處。
  4. 為獲發《D嘜》的公司舉辦與設計有關的研討會及活動。
  5. 於香港工業總會網站及刊物為獲發《D嘜》公司作宣傳。
  6. 利用不同媒體為D嘜認證公司作宣傳。