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Design Council of Hong Kong (DCHK)

The Federation of Hong Kong Industries established the Design Council of Hong Kong in 1968 with the mandate to promote the interest of local design industry.  The objectives of the Council include:


  1. To promote and enhance the importance of design in Hong Kong economic development
  2. To encourage and facilitate the business community to add value to their products and services through the use of design
  3. To enhance Hong Kong’s design standard and quality through collaboration with professional and educational institutions


Seated on the DCHK are members and advisors each contributing his/her expertise to the Council.  They include prominent leaders from various industries and academics, as well as professional designers. It will hold regular meetings to discuss issues that affect the design industry and to exchange information and ideas on design-related topics.


For enquiries, please contact:

Tel : (852) 2732 3188

Fax : (852) 2721 3494

Email : dchk@fhki.org.hk

Address : Design Council of Hong Kong, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, 31/F, Billion Plaza, 8 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Website: www.industryhk.org





  1. 在香港推廣和加重設計在工商業界所扮演的角色
  2. 鼓勵及推動工商業界利用設計去為產品及服務增值
  3. 透過與專業設計師和學術機構合作,提升香港設計水平和質素





電話: (852) 2732 3188

傳真: (852) 2721 3494

電郵 :  dchk@fhki.org.hk

地址:   香港工業總會/香港設計委員會, 九龍長沙灣長裕街8號, 億京廣場31樓

網站:   www.industryhk.org