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There are plenty of examples where SMEs have successfully incorporated industrial design into their businesses. RDS project aims to sketch a design strategy for Hong Kong manufacturing SMEs and study the effective usage of design and its adoption at strategic level in the manufacturing sector. By understanding the 50 successful cases and using the tools, the local manufacturing SMEs will grasp how to use design strategy to create comparative advantages they currently lack. Hong Kong manufacturing SMEs at the stage of ODM and OBM will benefit by upgrading to OSM. The RDS project will cover a research study and research report on 50 successful cases of using design strategy. A full-day dissemina-tion conference during the Business of Design Week 2018 (December) are part of this project’s way to disseminate the research findings and create platform for invited parties to explore future collaborations. The findings and insights of research study will be published and shared at the launching ceremony of guidebook with the target audience (in 2019).

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現時已有不少中小企業的例子,成功使用設計及於策略層面運用設計(以下簡稱「設計策略」) 融入其業務當中。是次項目旨在為香港製造業中小企勾畫一個設計策略,從而研究製造業就設計方面的有效運用及策略應用。通過研究50個成功案例和應用工具,本地製造業中小企將會掌握如何運用設計策略去創造自身目前缺乏的相對優勢;處於ODM和OBM階段香港製造業中小企將獲益並升級到OSM。


項目會研究50個運用設計策略的成功案例研究及研究報告,並將於設計營商周2018 (12月) 舉辦全日的推廣研討會,推廣相關研究, 既能發放研究調查結果,又能創建平台以邀請各方探討未來合作機會。研究成果及見解將於2019年指南發布會發布予目標觀眾分享。

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